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Revised January 21, 2019
Question: What is a GREEN and how do I get it?

GREEN is a digital reward of the green Blockchain. Only users of the green Blockchain may earn, receive or share GREEN digital rewards.

Question: Is this an investment?
green Blockchain is not an investment of any kind. Any person may participate in the green Blockchain with equipment, software and digital wallet that are compatible with and utilizes the decentralized Proof of Power protocol. 

Question: How is it possible to send electricity?
Green Box technology is inverting electricity into a new digital state called blockchain current (BC). BC is digital and can be sent or transferred via the green Blockchain in the form of GREEN.

Question: What is the difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Power?
Proof-of-Work(PoW) is a consensus algorithm that specialized data servers(miners) use to confirm transactions on the distributed and decentralized public ledger called the Blockchain and continually produce new confirmed transaction files or blocks to add to the chain. With PoW, miners compete against each other to verify transactions on the network for rewards. Proof-of-Power recognizes the contribution and consumption of energy for all miners tied to the Blockchain, which generates a GREEN reward for the successful confirmation on the supported blockchain. 

Question: What is the Green Battery?
The Green Battery is a digital storage account and virtual container that holds the blockchain current [BC] for future redemption or discharge.

Question: How soon will I receive my first GREEN reward?
Once a purchased device is installed and connected to the green Blockchain, the GREEN reward allocations will automatically deposit into your Green Wallet that is designated in the account tab of the green dashboard. Green Box owners have the responsibility to assign the wallet and walk-through instructions are provided upon logging in.

Question: How many GREEN will be created?
The cap is 50 Billion. Each GREEN can be divided into 100 million equal portions, just like BTC.

Question: Can you please explain how other blockchains besides Bitcoin will be implemented with proof of power?
Any blockchain that requires mining verification uses electricity to do so. The green Blockchain recognizes the power contribution via proof of power of the equipment used for that proof of work/stake verification. As new cryptocurrency networks are added to the green Blockchain, they will also be a part of the GREEN battery or reserve.

Question: How does the Green equipment work?
Please see our home page for more details:
Question: When I place an order, how long does it take for the equipment to ship?
You will immediately receive a digital receipt and certificate of ownership. Shipments are expected within 180 days or sooner, depending on equipment and component availability. You will receive progress notifications on your order in stages.  

Question: What are the stages of the equipment order?
There are 6 key stages to the ordering process after funds have been received and confirmed, and digital certificate of ownership is received:1- Order Received, 2- Order Shipped, 3- Order Delivered, 4- Order Installing, 5- Order Initializing, 6- Order Activated

Question: How do I know that you received my payment?
You will receive a "pending" email as payment is confirming on the blockchain. Once confirmed, a second email with your digital certificate of ownership and receipt will arrive (usually within the hour depending on the Blockchain).  

Questions: When will I start to see GREEN rewards?
As soon as your Green Box is connected to the green Blockchain and your Green Wallet is activated, you will immediately participate in the Proof of Power process and earn GREEN rewards. Your GREEN REWARDS will be stored in your Green Wallet. 

Question: What is the Green Wallet?
The Green Wallet is used to hold, send or receive GREEN rewards from the green Blockchain.

Question: How will my Green Wallet work?
The Green wallet is accessed through the dashboard on Daily rewards from Green Box results will be deposited into the Green wallet address that is set in the account tab of the dashboard.

Question: Who has access to and control over my Green Wallet?
The user holds the private keys to their own Green Wallet. Green does not have access to user wallets of the green Blockchain.

Question: How long does it take for a typical Green Box to be connected from the time of order?
When a Green Box order is received, that order is batched and placed at the beginning of the following week. Standard order, delivery and connection timeframe is up to 180 days.

Question: Does a Green Box run on AC or DC?
The Green Box device is powered by 12v input though a power supply that is plugged in to 110 or 220v AC power source.

Question: How do I know my Green Box is working once it's connected?
Once connected to a power source, the Green Box will initialize and display the status with LED indicator lights. When connected to the green blockchain, the status of your Green Box will be displayed via your dashboard on and your GREEN rewards will be visible in your Green Wallet. 

Question: Do I need to let my power company know that I have GREEN?
No, it is not necessary or required to give notice to your electrical utility provider for any appliance including a Green Box. However, it is not advised to connect more than two Green Boxes at any location without a qualified electrician.  

Question: What else can I do with my GREEN?
GREEN is a digital reward. With a Green Wallet, one may transfer GREEN to others on the green Blockchain. In the future, digitial exchanges, merchants, and debit/credit card companies may accept GREEN.  

Question: What if I have solar, can that help?
A Green Box does NOT require solar power, though having solar could reduce your electricity costs. 

Question: How can I tell the difference between a Green Box and a BTC box?
Bitcoin mining and Green Box devices can have similar manufacturers, however, the only way to connect to the green Blockchain currently is through a Green Box device.

Question: Can I send one wire for multiple devices or does it have to be one wire per device?
We do not accept wire transfers at this time. 

Question: What is the hashing power of one Green Box?
The Green Box measures the green blockchain inversion rate. 

Question: What is the average power consumption of a Green Box?
Currently each Green Box consumes 1250 watts. 

Question: Are Green Box owners part of a shared mining pool? Or are each miner's boxes mining independently and are not part of a pool?
A Green Box owner can decide to join a green Blockchain pool as part of a third party hosting agreement, or independently connect to the green Blockchain.

Question: I'm having trouble logging into my account
From the login screen or, click on the "forgot password" link and follow the instructions sent to the email on file for the account.

Question: What is your refund policy?
There is no refund policy. Manufacturer defects of equipment fall under the warranty terms of that equipment manufacturer.

Question: How do I know that my Green Box is producing GREEN reward?
By logging into the dashboard at, Green Box owners can see the daily results of Green Box activity.

Question: Is there a bug bounty program for the green Blockchain have a bug bounty? Where can I learn about it?

Yes. We value the close relationship with the security research and community. To show appreciation for contributions, green Blockchain maintains a Bug Bounty Program to reward responsible disclosure of qualifying security vulnerabilities.

Question: I'm having difficulty setting up or logging into my dashboard. Where can I get help?
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